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Anxiety Over Brexit – Deeper Issues

British people have been expressing unease about the state of their country. One possible reason may be that nothing much else is happening in politics because of anxiety over Brexit. The prospect of economic recession is reducing confidence among many about their future prospects.

Manufactured Wars

Today, the Trump Administration have put the United States on the wrong side of history yet again. What we are witnessed to today is a repeat of how wrong Government has been ever since World War II. We have failed to heed the warnings from General Douglas Mac Arthur.

Could Khalistan – A Sikh State Have Been a Reality

Khalistan is a bird that was flown away. It was an ill-defined concept that could not have borne but there was a time before 1946 when Khalistan or the state of Punjab could have become an independent entity. Punjab was the biggest province in North India but I think people must know that neither the Congress Party not the Muslim League ruled Punjab.

Assessing the Chinese View of India

Background Geographical divide India and China have been neighbors for over 4000 years. One can say that they had been living together like two dormant dinosaurs since the dawn of history. One reason for this was the Himalayan mountain range that formed an impregnable barrier between the two countries.

Nike’s Colin Kaepernick AD: A “MEME” Worth Billions!

Well, it’s safe to say that the past 15 days or so have been quite eventful for major sportswear brand Nike. Unless you are just returning to civilization, you must have heard about an American controversy involving Colin Kaepernick and Nike’s “Believe in something even if it Means Sacrificing everything” advertisement.

Who Stands Out As Best Candidate for President of the USA?

In the wake of the disastrous and extremely damaging Trump Administration and performance the next president needs to be someone special. He or she has to be young, vibrant, well-educated, capable, and fit. That rules out all of those 70 years and older.

Blow That Whistle!

Donald Trump was declared unfui for office before his election. He has run roughshod over the Constitution for over two years. Whistleblowers are finally coming forward despite the personal, professional. career and social obstacles they battle before their message breaks through. In particular now, they weather threats from the most powerful position in the world. Only an avalanche of brave warriors protected by the most upright legal counsel can stop the erosion of public trust..

Jewish Smart Sperm

Undetectable in an Ashkenazim Jews sperm there lies a substance that helps a Jew climb high in social and financial status. One day that unique substance will be discovered with a benefit to all humankind.

Terrorism Won’t Stop While Religions Dominate Societies

Australians are possibly as free in their country as anyone in the world and yet many continue to tie themselves to religious hokus pokus based on lies, ancient beliefs, and false gods. The New Testament was compiled and scribed by Jerome, the ‘doctor’ of the Catholic Church. Based on the invention of Jesus Christ by Constantine, identified as 666 in Revelation 13:12-18, he used torture and terrorism and the Vatican continued the practice.

Why Roman Emperor Constantine Is 666

Speculations about the man who bears this number are wide and include things like that of the Pope, based on his title. Following my reincarnation and strong link to the Spirit of the Universe many visions were given to me during a time of great learning. One such vision was while dressing one morning when the words CONSTANTINE IS 666 appeared in large black letters before my eyes.

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