Heating Repair Contractor in Stockbridge Gives Warning

Affordable Heating Repair Stockbridge Ga. With the temperatures dropping and snow falling many homeowners are worried about their heating and air unit. Unfortunately, many find out when it is too late.

Don’t wait until you feel like a snowman to make a call.— Source

Stockbridge Heater Repair Quotes, Estimates and Pricing

JSC Enterprises is an HVAC repair contractor right here in Stockbridge that has been fixing heaters for last 20 years.

Steve Cassell, tells us: “We always suggest a homeowner to get a heating unit checkup  before the first cold snap. Sure we usually have mild winters compared to those that live up north. However, it can get pretty cold down here in Henry County when it wants too. You don’t want to need heating repairs on the coldest night of the year, do you?”

Typical problems that cause your heat to fail could be a bad thermostat, faulty wiring, a broken heat pump or emergency heat strips. Additionally tripped circuit breakers can be a source of a heater failing to come on or heat your home.

Steve continues, “Now with COVID supply chain shipping issues for heating parts and equipment – the smart thing to do is to get a heating check up BEFORE it gets cold. This prevents all of the hvac repair companies in Stockbridge from racing to the HVAC supply house looking for the same parts!”

Steve concludes, “Most importantly our HVAC techs will respect all COVID-19 protocols so that your family stays safe while we make your heating repairs.”

If you would like to talk to a hvac repair contractor in Stockbridge then call Steve at the contact number below. It give the techs an excuse to eat at some of their favorite local places to eat. Like The Italian Oven, Guacamole Restaurant, Sarah’s Country Cooking and the Mellow Mushroom.

JSC Enterprises
1110 Post Oak Ridge, Mcdonough, GA
Website: http://www.heatandairatlanta.com


Masonic Lodge 691 Stockbridge Ga

Learn About Stockbridge Lodge # 691
Grand Lodge georgia mason masonic In stockbridge georgia


A Regular Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons working under the Jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of Georgia


What is A Mason

A MASON is a MAN and a BROTHER whose TRUST is in GOD.
HE meets upon the LEVEL and acts upon the SQUARE. TRUTH
is his COMPASS and he is ever PLUMB. He has a true GRIP on all
that is RITE. He is loyal to his ORDER and whatever his degree he
is MASTER of himself. In the lodge of life he wears unstained the
white LAMBSKIN of innocence. From his initiation as an
ENTERED APPRENTICE he travels ever EAST toward
the LIGHT of WISDOM until he receives the
final-the DIVINE PASSWORD that admits him into

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry has in all ages required that men should come to its doors entirely of their own free will; not as the result of importunity nor from feelings of curiosity; but from a favorable opinion of the institution, a desire for knowledge, and a sincere wish to be serviceable to their fellow creatures.

Masonry is a system of morality based on the belief in the existence of God, the immorality of the soul, and the brotherhood of men; therefore no atheist can be made a Mason. It strives to teach a man the duty he owes to God, to his country, to his family, to his neighbor, and to himself. It inculcates the practice of every virtue and makes an extensive use of symbolism in its teachings. It interferes with neither religion nor politics, but strives only after light and truth, endeavoring always to bring out the highest and noblest qualities of men.

It should be clearly borne in mind that Freemasonry is not to be entered in the hope of personal gain or advancement. Admission must not be sought from mercenary or unworthy extent of his ability.

It cannot be too strongly emphasized that Freemasonry is not a benefit society, although the practice of charity is a fundamental virtue taught in Freemasonry. We do not pay so much a year to entitle us to draw sick pay, or other benefits, or to make provision for those we leave behind. There are other excellent societies founded for this purpose.

Loyalty to one’s country is an essential qualification in Freemasonry, and those only are acceptable who cheerfully conform to every lawful authority. Disloyalty in any form is abhorrent to the teachings of Freemasonry and is regarded as a serious Masonic offense. Freemasonry is not contrary to the beliefs of any man of upright heart and mind, and has in it nothing inconsistent with his civil, moral or religious duties.

 Yahoo! Map to the lodge

140 Berry St                               
Stockbridge Ga 30281
2nd and 4th Tuesday
Dinner @6:30pm
Meet @ 7:30pm.
Facebook page

Why Guy | Gas and electric heating costs are on the rise

So have you noticed your heating bills are going up? Why are heating utilities increasing here in Stockbridge? T This is a nationwide problem – not just here in the south. Take heart because there is no sign of it coming down any time soon. In  this video they address why heating costs are increasing.

What are some practical steps to take to reduce your heating bills?

  • Install a programable thermostat.
  • Wear sweaters in the house so you can keep the heat temperature lower than usual.
  • Hire a HVAC heating contractor to perform a tune up on your heat pump, furnace or boiler.

You may also enjoy reading about this warning from a local HVAC contractor that does heating repair in Stockbridge.