Spring is here and that means down here in Atlanta 80 degree days are right around the corner. Steve Cassell of JSC Enterprises does AC repair in Stockbridge Georgia. Steve offers practical steps to ensure the air conditioning system will operate at its best when needed. He tells us, “Nobody wants a surprise on the hottest day of the year. That is a terrible time to learn your system isn’t working.”

Steve warns, “Your homes air conditioner is a lot like a car. If you don’t maintain your vehicle you will drive it into the ground. Unfortunately, many new drivers have seized their cars engine for a lack of changing the oil and its filter. Similarly, your central heating and air system needs a tune up every year.”

Why would someone want to get an air conditioner tune up?

Steve of JSC Enterprises tells us that people have a choice. “Basically you can maintain your heating and air system before it breaks or be forced to fix the air conditioners when they break down in peak season when parts are hard to get. This means paying higher costs for parts and labor.”

However, that isn’t the only potential problem.

Supply Chain Issues And Replacement Parts

Steve tells us, “We are still seeing some parts shortages in some areas. Certain replacement parts are harder to get than others. This means higher prices for parts and delayed shipping time. This is another reason to get your systems checked out by a professional before the hot season begins. You want to think about starting your system in advance. Don’t wait until its too late.”

If you would like to schedule a free phone consultation with a professional ac technician in Stockbridge, Georgia feel free to contact Steve Cassell of JSC Enterprises at the contact info below.

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