2-year-old Georgia girl calls 911 for mom

Days of Reckoning for Hosni Mubarak

Egypt was ruled by King Farrukh in the early fifties. However a military Coup led to the establishment of dictatorship under Gamal A Nasser and Farrukh fled Egypt. This man had an allergy to   Israel and the Western powers,notably England and France.

Turmoil In Egypt! What Does This Mean For You And Me?

None of us like to see the chaos emerging in Egypt, and what seems to be a cascading effect through Tunisia, Syria, and now Pakistan. Well what does this really mean for you and me? Can we profit from this turmoil, or is it all bad?

Chronicle of a Doomed Uprising: The Egyptian Revolution

In January 2011, the peoples of the Middle East began their march towards seizing a share in the leadership and resources of their countries, with uprisings that broke out in first in Tunisia and then spread to Egypt. This first round – the present uprising in Egypt – will not be without some achievements, but it is ultimately doomed to failure.

Revolt In Egypt

The media is full of news about demonstrations in Cairo. Press correspondents are rushing to Egypt. Is the hidden hand of central intelligence agency behind the goings on?

Microscopic Fraternity for Myopic Benefit

Protection provided by group members to safeguard itself against onslaught of another group is a virtue. The aggression or dominance of one group over another group is the opposite of being virtuous. The action is virtuous when the group builds capacity of its individual members and competes for better delivery to serve humankind and not just the group.

The Unknown Theory of Superpower

Life cycle ordained phases of life broadly categorized as gestation period, blooming period and decaying stage. In adherence to the principle of universal law of life cycle, the origin of nation states, their consummation to powers and the related downfall provides the distribution trend of powers geographically in each global era. The West and East had taken their share of glory.

The Future of the GCC Economy

As European countries implement austerity measures to quell the spread of the Greek sovereign debt crisis, doubts arise about the crisis impact on GCC economies. Despite their strong economic recovery, falling oil prices may make current GCC government spending unsustainable in the medium run. The region’s high dependence on oil revenues may once more prove a liability to its economies.

China Has It All – So Far

The policies adopted by China to achieve economic dominance are remarkably similar to those National Socialist Germany implemented for its aggressive territorial expansion. Germany overreached and was devastated. Will China make now the same wager?

Social Networks Harnessed by Protest Movement in Egypt

Protest leaders used social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to plan and organize the recent demonstrations in Egypt. They emphasized that they would be apolitical.

New York Times Defends Middle East Chaos and Al Jazeera

Anyone watching the Middle Eastern violence lately has to ask, what on Earth brought all that on? Well, it got quite a bit of nudge from the media outlet Al Jazeera, so when Egypt’s mass demonstration and near riots took place, Al Jazeera not only helped caused it, but created a larger fire storm. The Egyptian government trying to stop the sound and fury had no choice but to pull the plug on Al Jazeera, but they wouldn’t stop.

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